WAKUFU, beautiful and harmonious from all angles

Wakufu is inspired by traditional Japanese culture, fashion and art. This family of light fixtures – designed by Estudi Ribaudí for DRESSLight – in all its shapes, recalls the refinement of kimono and projects a soft and uniform light, inviting to meditation.

Its lampshade made of fabric, which is one of the most innovative features, offers a high level of visual comfort, providing homogeneous light and no shades. This Spain 100% hand-made lampshade, which gives a unique value to the piece, is customizable by choosing original and Asian motif stamps.
Besides being delicate, Wakufu is highly efficient due to LED technology, which allows optimal lighting with less energy consumption.

This series consists of a floor lamp, a table and overlay, with or without a reading arm. Wakufu collection outstands due to its adaptability and versatility, which makes it very suitable for contract spaces.

Designed to grab your attention

It is its designers’ opinion that Wakufu has a 360° design “because it is highly aesthetical from any angle you look at it”. Regardless of its position, all glances will converge on it: “when designing it, we deepened into fashion and took inspiration from oriental couture designers. From there, we drew free and expressive shapes to transmit conceptual values we had in mind. Without imposing any technical restraint, we obtained the final shape of Wakufu”, Jordi Ribaudí said.

It features tranquillity: “all its components fit together, forming an iconographic concept”. Headed by Jordi Ribaudí, Estudi Ribaudí is a regular collaborator of DRESSLight and Faro Barcelona, which is made up of a team of designers and interior decorators, who works combining creativity, materials and technology.