Padaung wall lamp, design evolution

The Padaung lamp, in its wall version, is one of the new releases introduced by Dresslight for this 2014.

In 2013, in collaboration with 3 Patas, the pendant version was born. A pendant consisting of concentric metal rings and crystals by Swarovski Elements, arranged in a circular structure. This lamp’s design is inspired by giraffe-neck women or PADAUNG, who use beads to lengthen their neck.

This year’s proposal by 3 Patas Design Studio is the evolution of the Padaung family with this elegant wall lamp design, the perfect combination. This wall lamp consists of concentric metal rings and crystals by Swarovski Elements arranged in a circular structure.

Dresslight is working with Swarovski Elements, the premium brand for the finest crystals manufactured by Swarovski. Used by creative talents from the worlds of fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and lighting. A brand associated with the latest innovations and trends in glass fashion. The label ‘Made with Swarovski Elements’ is a certificate of authenticity.

3 Patas represents product, spaces, concept, innovation… A creative studio in Barcelona working together with Dresslight to create lamp designs. Together they seek innovation while maintaining warmth, a collective imagination that makes the most human products. Their goal is to continue telling the story, and bring innovation with their products and answers to a world still full of questions.