Hanoi, an exclusive wall lamp for warmth spaces

Hanoi is a wall lamp created by Pepe Llaudet to light up spaces giving them a warm light. It’s a different and decorative lamp that projects a soft and warmth beam of light. Hanoi allows a correct and comfort light, ideal for bedrooms and living-rooms for light up at low-heights.

Hanoi, design lamp

Llaudet uses basic geometric shapes in this wall lamp. Hanoi has a lightweight structure made of beech wood and brass accents with satin nickel plated. The shade is made by special paper, grey pearl color with a conical and oblique shape. Hanoi combines perfectly materials and colors; the result is an attractive and compact product.

The cable is part of the design, is for that it doesn’t need any pre-installation and is one of more comfortable for user. Hanoi uses ecohalogen bulb, green version of incandescent bulbs.

Hanoi wich comes from experimenting with materials such as folded paper and processed wood. It is an easy way to combine the best of both worlds: the industrial and interior design.

Pepe Llaudet is also the designer of table lamp Akane. This designer has worked with Faro Barcelona and Dresslight Barcelona for create functional and beautiful products.