WAKUFU, fashion and Japanese art, finalist of the DELTA Awards 2014

The WAKUFU lamp has been selected for the DELTA Awards 2014. These awards from the Industrial Design Association, ADI-FAD, promote the recognition of innovative products, in which both its design as its manufacturing quality and environmental suitability is valued.

WAKUFU is inspired by fashion and Japanese art. Designed by Estudi Ribaudí for Dresslight Barcelona, it recalls in its shapes the refinement of the kimono and casts a dim and even light that invites contemplation.

Its cloth screen, perhaps one on its most innovative parts, offers high visual comfort with homogeneous light and absence of shadows. To give it the value of unique-piece, the screen is manufactured in Spain in a fully manual manner and can be customized with original Oriental prints. All the elements are integrated with each other, so that from any angle you look at it is highly aesthetic.

WAKUFU stands out for its high performance light, incorporates LED technology that allows an optimal illumination with a lower consumption. The entire WAKUFU collection is adaptable and versatile, characteristics which make it very suitable for contract spaces.

The winners of the DELTA Awards 2014 will be announced on July 10th. Faro Group challenges them with two selected ones: WAKUFU of Dresslight and AKANE of Faro Barcelona, with the coincidence that the two lamps evoke peculiarities of the oriental culture and are author’s pieces. The fact of having two selected designs is cause for satisfaction and encouragement to continue with our philosophy to manufacture functional parts that, at the same time, thrill people.